Essay Choices: Due Tuesday, February 14 (both periods 2 and 4).In a well-worded, MLA format essay, use apt and specific textual references in order to discuss one of the following: (a) Because Caesar was killed "in his shell," we will never know if he would have become a beloved leader or a destructive tyrant. Based on evidence up through Caesar's death in Act III, discuss whether Caesar would have been good or bad for Rome.(b) Cassius and Antony are master manipulators. Who is better?(c) Persuade your reader that [choose one: Brutus, Cassius, Antony, Caesar] would make the best POTUS (President of the United States).

Thursday, Nov 3- 115- Quiz on fiction lit terms (ironies, mood, suspense), "Build Vocabulary Words" On p. 44' and The Birds plot

English 117 Vocabulary set III- see new Vocabulary Page link on right
English 115 - draft story due Monday (use your story map and character chart)

English 117 - For Monday, October 17: Please create story map(s) and sensory chart, both available here

English 115 - For Tuesday, October 18: Please create story map and character chart, both available here

English 115 - Wed, October 12: Bring in your poem with following requirements: 1. Appropriate topic and language2. Consistent rhyme scheme, syllables, and message or topic3. Diction - either middle or low4. simile5. metaphor6. 2 different types of imagery7. typed 8. Label youra. number of syllables in each lineb. Rhyme schemec. similed. metaphore. imagery

Period 7 - Friday, May 27th - Period 2 - Thursday, May 26 - Grammar Quiz (parts of speech, order of operations)

Persuasive Essay Map - Go to Persuasive Essays and click on the persausion map link. It will take you directly to the persuasion map.
Period 7 & 2 - Take notes on ACT III of Julius Caesar, there will be a quiz on Monday. The notes will be collected for a grade.
- Include 1. your peer edited draft with yes tests
2. your graded outline
3. in a freezer bag
4. with your pre- final draft (this is the one Ms. Murgo and I will check before your final final gets graded)

For Period 7 (Monday) and Period 2 (Tuesday)
You've been given excerpts from the funeral speeches that both Brutus and Antony gave at Caesar's funeral. With respect to each speech, show that you're learning to read and analyze Shakespeare's writing by bringing in your typed answers to the following:
1. List three compliments Brutus gives to Caesar.
2. List two reasons Brutus gives for why Caesar had to die.
3. Repetition is a popular form of persuasion. What examples can you find of Brutus using repetition in his speech.
4. Why does Brutus say the commoners should listen to him?
5. What type of irony is present in Antony's speech? Give several examples.
6. List 5 examples Antony gives to prove that Caesar was NOT ambitious.
7. Good persuasion uses emotion, logic, and ethics (morality). With this in mind, write a paragraph where you discuss who has the better speech.

Period 2 Journal Prompt due Friday, April 8th:
It is often said that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” If you became all powerful, would you become corrupt? Give three examples of what you think you would do to help your people and three examples of where or why you might be tempted to take their freedom and say “because I said so.”

For Period 7 Wednesday:

Do you believe that if you were given absolute power, that you would become corrupt? List three things you would do to help the people under you.
List three things that might tempt you to hurt others or take more than what you deserve.

Should people be punished for what they might do?

Period 7 and 2 Question - Due Monday, April 4th
Act II, Scene 1
1. What is a taper? 2. Why do the conspirators want Cicero and then leave him out? 3. Why won't Brutus take an oath? 4. Why does he oppose the assassination of Antony? 5. How has Caesar changed? 6. What are some of Portia's characteristics?

  • Order of Operations Mastery Quiz - for all students who did not score at least 75% on previous quiz - Friday, 2/18
Research Paper Outlines: Due Friday, February 18 and Field Work Journals Due Wednesday, March 2 Don't Forget!!
For both periods 2 and 7: Friday, February 4: Order of Operations Quiz (May bring notecard) and 6 source/25 notecards due.For both Periods 2 and 75 Source Cards are Due on Friday, January 7
10 Notecards due on that same day. You will have to have at least one each of the paraphrase card, quotation card, and fact card. MOST of your cards should be paraphrase because you can’t just have a string of quotes in your paper
Period 2 - please bring in slammable poem for Wednesday, December 22For both Periods 2 and 75 Source Cards are Due on Friday, January 7
10 Notecards due on that same day. You will have to have at least one each of the paraphrase card, quotation card, and fact card. MOST of your cards should be paraphrase because you can’t just have a string of quotes in your paper.

For Monday, December 20 (Period 2 Only)Research Paper source card dueRevisions to informational essay1. Open your essay in gdocs2. (You may want to do corrections in Word first in all caps and then paste into document).3. Be sure to type at the top of the essay my instructions regarding what I wanted revised. (Don't forget about Monday paper idea due date - explanation beneath Wednesday assignment) Wednesday, December 15: Assigned rewrite tasks for Informational essays - must be complete by Wednesday night at 9pm. Steps:1. Open your Informational Essay in google docs.2. At the top of the essay, please type in the instructions I gave you regarding what you need to revise.3. In a different color ink, or in all caps (whichever is easier for you), please make revisions.4. This is a 40 point Assessment grade. Gra Friday, December 10 - Mid term practice test and reflection dueMonday, December 13 - Come in with three typed ideas that you might be able to use for a research paper related to your mini-senior project. Also bring two articles that might help you narrow your topic (these don't need to be reputable sources - anything that might give you an idea is fine). 15 point homework grade.Reminder – Upload essay by 9
(For Monday, December 6 - bring new lyrics and a painting that depicts the mood of your lyrics.) Go to google images and google "famous paintings" to find a match.
For Tuesday, November 23:
Due for Tuesday, November 23 (Wednesday, November 24 for Period 2):
Typed –
Thesis statement

I. Topic Sentence I
i. Evidence (cite)
ii. Evidence (cite)

II. Topic Sentence II
i. Evidence (cite)
ii. Evidence (cite)

III. Topic Sentence III
i. Evidence (cite)
ii. Evidence (cite)
For Monday, November 22: Please bring in three articles regarding your chosen "cultural" topic. Remember, you need one .edu site, one .gov site, and one .org site.STUDY FOR TEST ON THURSDAY (PERIOD 2) OR FRIDAY (PERIOD 7). As discussed in class, you will be given a short story you haven't read before and you will be answering ten questions about that story. The questions will require you to apply the fiction terms we have learned this quarter. Please see samples below:
Sample Question:

1. Explain the types of narrators we studied in class. What type of narrator is present in “The Necklace” and what evidence do you have to back up your answer?

A Model Answer:
We studied first person and third person narration. A first person narrator tells the story from his or her own point of view, and is sometimes an unreliable narrator as a result. A third person narrator may be either limited or omniscient. A third person limited narrator is outside the story and knows only the thoughts and actions of a few characters, whereas a third person omniscient character can tell readers the thoughts and actions of all characters. In “The Necklace,” the narrator is third person omniscient because the narrator comments on the thoughts and feelings of all characters. For example, at one point the narrator says “they went sadly upstairs to their apartment. For her it was all over. And he was thinking that he had to be at the Ministry at ten.”

Fiction test on Thursday, November 4 for period 2 Fiction test on Friday, November 5 for period 7

Homework: Finish reading "The Necklace" for the next class if you have not already done so AND BE SURE YOU FINISH YOUR QUESTIONS/ANSWERS THAT WE STARTED IN CLASS. Be prepared for practice test tomorrow - you may use notes on this practice.
Read “New Directions” on p. 168 and list three words that show a motif and then come up with two possible themes. Will count as quiz grade. Homework for Monday, October 25 – Read and take notes on “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” – expect quiz

For Friday, October 22 – Finish reading “The Cask of Amontillado” and take notes. There will be a quiz.
Period 7 –For Tueday, October 19
Period 2 – For Thursday, October 21 Please create original sentences using the words in the yellow “Building Vocabulary” boxes in the story “The Cask of Amontillado.” The boxes are on pages 5, 6, and 9 of your literature books.
For Mondayy 10/18 - Periods 2 and 7-Finish MDG and answer question on page 32. Literary Focus Q’s #1-3.

-Write a short paragraph about your mini Sr. Project. Explain your topic or provide 3 topics that you are considering.

Due Monday 10/18

Period 2 only for Wednesday - p. 32 of Lit book - vocabulary 1, 2, and 3

By 9pm on Thursday, October 14:
You should be working this week on revising your essay – it is the only at home work you will be given until Friday. So, by 9pm Thursday you must:
1. Upload your essay to google docs with the label TKAMYourlastnamePeriod. For example, if Joe Smith in Period 2 were handing his essay in, he would label it TKAMSmithPeriod2
2. Your essay should use MLA format (double spaced, 12 point font, proper heading (Name, Class, Teacher, Date (14 October 2010)
3. You must use my home email address to upload docs:
For Tuesday, October 12:
IMPORTANT HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT (20 POINTS THAT CANNOT BE MADE UP, AS WE NEED THE ASSIGNMENT FOR WORK IN CLASS ON TUESDAY)Bring the following to class:1. Your completed, typed character essay.2. Your rough draft from class on Thursday/Friday3. Your completed character essay map.
Monday, October 4 - Fill out Character Essay Map for Character Essay
Character Essay Map


Body Paragraph One:
Topic Sentence: (Proof from thesis)_

Evidence 1: Evidence 2: Clincher:Wraps up paragraph by restating the topic sentence_

Body Paragraph Two:

Transition with Topic Sentence:

Evidence 1:

Evidence 2:


Body Paragraph Three:
Transition with Topic Sentence:
Evidence 1:
Evidence 2:

Homework for Wednesday, September 29- Please fill out the Participation Rubric by circling where you believe you fall in the various categories. - On the back of the rubric, please write a paragraph explaining what you do well and what you need to improve upon for participation.Homework for Monday, September 27

There will be a quiz and you’ll be able to use your homework for the quiz.

- Create a study guide of all terms from your notes. These terms will relate to character and narration.

- One page – typed.

- All terms and definitions of terms with example (use new examples).

- Use MLA heading (12 point font, Times New Roman)

Your name

The name of class

Teacher Name

Date in European format (23 September 2010)

Periods 2 and 7 for Tuesday, September 21 - Read, highlight, and summarize article on Civil Rights Movement. AND return form for Parent Listserv.

Period 2: Homework for Monday, September 20: Read "The Great Depression," highlight, and write a seven sentence summary. Bring to class //

Period 7: Homework for Friday, September 17: Read "The Great Depression," highlight, and write a seven sentence summary. Bring to class.

Thursday, September 16 - Outside Reading: Journal Writing - Compare a character from your book to someone you know or another character from a book or TV show. For Thursday, September 16

When you are finished, please come get a copy of the handout “Historical Context” of
To Kill A Mockingbird.

Start your homework, which is to:

  1. Read the article - HIGHLIGHT (or underline) part you think are important.
  2. Circle any words you don’t understand.
  3. On separate paper (which will be collected for a homework grade)
    1. Guess the meaning of at least three words by using context clues.
    2. Write a seven sentence summary explaining the main point of the article about the Jim Crow South.
Bring Outside Reading Book and Composition Notebook to class for Tuesday, 9/7

To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Test on Monday, Sept 13
DUE DATES: Periods 2 and 7: Due by Monday night (9/6), 9pm upload

DESCRIPTION and INSTRUCTIONS**: In a well-written paragraph, please tell me about yourself as an English student. Your discussion should let me know what your strengths are in English and where you struggle. Please be honest - it's okay to say you hate English, but just be sure to explain why, so that perhaps we can change that perspective. Likewise, if you love English, be specific about what, exactly, you enjoy.

On this same page, after you have read our Class Policies, please include a sentence telling me that you've read and understood these policies (if you have questions, just write those questions out on your assignment.) In addition, let me know whether you have trouble with class participation and why.

Finally, please copy and paste a copy of this School Wide Writing Rubric into your paragraph.

After your document is complete, do the following:
1. Upload the written assignment to your Google Docs account
2. Label the assignment Intro/Period/Yourlastname.
3. Invite me as a collaborator. Remember, my email is for uploading google docs (and for contacting me with questions) if you were confused about the instructions in class, you can look to the right and click on the "google docs" for additional help.


GRADING: 30 point assessment

In Class:

(Grammar to carry over to 9/4 for periods 2 and 3 and to 9/8 for period 7)

2. Grammar Pretest:
Page 341
Skill Checks A, B

3. Review Pretest

4. p. 344 - Noun Key Concepts (Exercise 4)
p. p. 346 Pronouns and Antecedents Key Concept (Exercise 11)

Formative Assessment: