Freshman English Class Policies
Mrs. Izzo

Whether you have a good year is entirely within your control. It’s simple: be on time, do the reading and participate, ask for help when you need it, be kind, and this class will be a place you enjoy. It’s entirely up to you.

Class Rules: Be a decent human being and expect the best of yourself.

Grading and iParent
Your grade in class will be determined on a point system, in which tests, essays, and most presentations count 100 points each. Quizzes, essay revisions, and other small research assignments will range from 10-50 points, depending upon the time and effort required for the assignment. Homework is generally used as a formative assessment in order to determine whether you understand the material we're covering. In any event, it will not count more than ten percent of your quarter grade (and it usually makes up a much smaller percentage). Your grade will also be affected by your participation, as explained below.

I require that you check iParent every week. Yes, I know it’s called "iParent," but you will gain so much more from being proactive in monitoring your grade. If your parents have questions about iParent, it’s important that they speak with you, and that you come to me first to discuss those questions. High school demands that you start taking responsibility for yourself and developing strong relationships with your teachers. So, unless there’s an unusual situation, the conversations regarding your grades should take place between the two of us.

Participation Grade : Just before midquarter, I will give you a participation grade on a 100 point scale. You earn an “A” (Exceeds Proficiency 90-95) by always being prepared with materials and assignments, by participating constructively and consistently, and by going above and beyond in some way during the quarter (i.e., tutoring others, delving into a topic in greater depth, demonstrating leadership, etc.). You earn a “B” (Proficient: 80-88) if you usually are prepared and you usually participate. You earn a “C” (Emerging Proficiency 70-78) if you forget material/assignments, you do not participate consistently or constructively, and/or you are frequently absent without clear medical excuse. The midquarter grade is to give you an idea regarding how I see your performance in class. The grade will be adjusted up or down just before the quarter grades are due. If you’re worried because you are afraid or uncomfortable participating, see me, and we’ll work on goals that will help you earn a proficient grade (B).

I do not have a working printer in my room and can’t print anything out for you. If you have an assignment due (and I've asked for a hard copy rather than an upload to Google Docs), do not try handing me your flash drive or your laptop and telling me that’s where the assignment is. Do not tell me you left it at home but it’s done. Do not come late to our class because you had to print your paper. The point is for me to have your assignment, at the beginning of class when I collect it, and unless it’s physically there, on paper, for me to grade, it’s late. (See Late Work).

Safekeeping of Assignments
You are always responsible for maintaining an electronic copy of any essays I assign. We will rewrite every essay, and you can’t do that easily if you haven’t saved a copy.

Most of you have a demanding schedule, so I don’t expect missed work to be made up the day you return, unless it was due on the day you were absent. Just check my website to find out what assignments you missed and make arrangements with me to have those assignments made up within three days of your return. If you go beyond those three days, you will receive a 50 for the assignment once it is handed in.

If you are absent the day a major assignment (essay, project, etc.) is due, you must nevertheless upload that assignment to google docs and invite me as a collaborator by the time our class would have met on the due day so I know you’ve completed it.

Late Work
You will lose ten points off your grade for every day late, including weekends. N.B. With major assignments, except in cases of cheating, I never grade anyone down more than 50%, so please do not fail to do an assignment because you think I’m going to give you a zero anyway. Zeroes on major assignments will destroy your grade, and it’s more important to me that you actually do the work.
You did your work but you’re sick – See Absences, above.

Plagiarism consists of taking credit for any words or creations that are not fully yours without giving full credit to the creator of the work. Plagiarism in my class results in a zero on the assignment and a meeting with your parents, and a note in your guidance file regarding the incident. So, with respect to plagiarism - don’t do it. If you are tempted to plagiarize because you didn’t do your essay and you’re worried about your grade in class and you’re staring at a blank screen at 2am, don’t do it. I’d rather you come to me and tell me you’re going to be late than that you lie to me and cheat. Take that extra day, get some help from me, and lose just ten points….or, cheat, and lose the trust of many people around you. Which sounds better?
You should also review the school's Academic Integrity Policy.

The Fine Print
115 ENGLISH I - College/Career Prep Full year – 1.0 credit
This course is for students who have demonstrated a competency in language arts and will continue to study the principles of grammar as well as the processes used in writing. Students will read representative selections from the various literary genres including the following works: Julius Caesar, The Odyssey, a coming of age novel, and three additional works by diverse authors. A variety of assessment techniques, which include quizzes, written exams, group work, role-playing, essays, projects, and a culminating activity, will be utilized. Whenever applicable, department rubrics will be used to assess expressive writing, informational writing, responses to literature, oral presentations and projects.

117 Engish I - Honors Freshman English
(See Programs of Studies)