The Iliad Unit: 10 Class Days
Day 1: Introduction and Background (Friday May 18)
- Epic Poetry
- Genesis of Trojan War
- Homework: Read Notes and Overview on Books 1-24
Select 2 books which are of most interest to you.
Bring in sticky notes for annotating.

Day 2: (Monday, May 21) Class discussion of Epic Poetry elements; Create teams of readers
and begin reading/annotating.
Homework for Wednesday (warning - 45 minute internet radio program - need to take notes)
On Point with Tom Ashbrook - Radio show

Day 3: (Tuesday, May 22) - continue reading, annotating, locating epic literary terms - consult
Study Guide and Overview

Day 4 (Thursday, May 31) - Homework check on notes from radio program. Conduct accountable socratic - everyone has one or two points to discuss from radio show. Schedule and allow for preparation of Book Team Socratics. Here is the .
Homework for Tuesday, June 6: Read and absorb all google book entries; come prepared for Socratic on The Iliad (preparation means annotated book notes from your books; questions and notations re classmates' google entries, thoughts regarding radio show, critical thinking questions regarding The Iliad).

Day 5: Tuesday, June 5
Socratics on The Iliad