Tuesday February 9:

Reader's Notebook:
1. Please find three words you don't know and guess at their meaning using context clues. Write the explanation in your journal.
2. Then look up the words and write down their actual definition in the dictionary.

Monday, Feb 8

Notes on the Hero's Journey - The ending, where Odysseus weeps as Penelope falls into his arms, fits the "Freedom to live" element, in that
his problems are resolved and he's now back home and in power.
Perhaps this event could also be the "Rescue from Without" because Penelope is the one who test him and then ultimately welcomes him back home.

Friday, February 5
- Reading Journal - reviewed school-wide reading rubric; first journal entry: What is the purpose of your book?
- Took Odyssey Quiz for last section
Writing Workshop Work
1. Continue creating your chart showing how your book or movie fits the hero's journey.

2. When you finish, create a thesis statement for your essay that includes a projected order

E.G., In [insert name of book or movie], the main character [insert name of hero] follows The Hero's Journey pattern identified by Joseph Campbell. The hero experiences elements of The Departure, The Initiation, and The Return.

3. Create a funnel introduction. (1. Hook 2. Bridge 3. Thesis)