Freshman Writing Portfolio
Mrs. Izzo

Overview: Your writing portfolio is an organized collection of your written work, together with a quarterly written refection in which you critique your writing strengths and weaknesses and establish goals for the upcoming quarter.

Portfolio Assessment: Your portfolio will be assessed as a 100 point participation grade, half of which will be assigned just prior to mid-quarter and half of which will be assigned toward the end of the quarter. Your grade will be determined based on the following three items:
Inclusion of all required writings and a table of contents
The depth and quality of your beginning of quarter and end of quarter reflections and goals, and
The quality of your extra essays.

Required Writings:
All formal and informal writing assigned for class (we will keep a running list on the Wiki site under "Portfolio").
Five extra writing pieces of no less than one page in length. Two of these pieces must be created solely for this class on a topic clearly inspired by some aspect of our class discussions or readings. You will be expected to explain what motivated you to choose the topic. Three of the writings should be varied pieces from other classes and should reflect your best efforts. YOU MAY INCLUDE ONLY ONE FICTION PIECE AND ONLY ONE REFLECTION, BUT YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO INCLUDE EITHER OF THESE GENRES.

Reflections and Goal Setting
Your beginning quarter reflection should include the following aspects:
Review and Summary of Past work: start with a review of all the writing you've done for all classes first quarter. In a succinct paragraph, describe the types and amount of writing you've done.
Praise and Criticism: In your next paragraph, discuss your writing strengths and weaknesses.
Goal Setting and Measurement: Once you've looked critically at your work, determine two goals that will foster improvement in your writing. These goals may involve grammar, style, time management, writing organization, introductions, conclusions, paragraph structure, paragraph transitions, diction, varying syntax, etc. Each goal should be set forth clearly with at least two action steps and two interim due dates for measuring your progress toward the goals.

Your end of quarter reflection should review your goals and the extent to which you accomplished your action steps and goals.